Hello, internet world.

I am a 21-year old college student studying chemistry and english. My life could be compared to the plot of a romantic comedy that lasted a mere week in theaters before it was hurried off to the shelves of a dying Blockbusters (or have those dissipated entirely?). Despite the negativity, I truly wouldn’t choose it any other way because of the killer cast (read: family and friends), and really good food that I’ve enjoyed on set. I’m actually starting to like this whole D-list movie star analogy and I’m thinking that once this blog goes up in flames, I will take to the streets of Hollywood and wait to be discovered.

Anyway, this blog will be a collection of ramblings, health and fitness tips, bad puns, and photos that I’ve pieced together in my moments of boredom or early morning inspiration (which is when most of my inspiration hits as my boyfriend can attest to).

Please stick around and have a laugh or a subtle eye roll.

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