Coconut Oil

My favorite things are those that have many purposes. I find myself cooking with “beauty products” and bathing in “food items” because often they are one in the same for me. Here are 12 reasons why coconut oil should find its way into your pantry, bathroom cabinet, and bedside table:

  1. Face moisturizer: used lightly, it can be great as to use on clean skin and given time to soak in before applying primer/makeup.
  2. Makeup remover: just glob it onto your face like a little girl trying her hand at eye shadow and then wipe it off with a tissue/cotton ball/wad of toilet paper.
  3. Massage oil: give yourself a rub down or ask the lover/friend/mailman to do the honors.
  4. Personal lubricant: all-natural, anti-microbial, and self explanatory. (Note: best for individual use or partners who practice safe sex via methods other than condoms because it breaks down the integrity of latex.)
  5. Oil pulling: swishing a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth for ~20 minutes first thing in the morning to “pull” unwanted bacteria from your mouth. Rumored to freshen breath, improve oral health, reduce plaque, whiten teeth, get you a job, save your marriage, and help you ace that test. Do your own research though, kids.
  6. Coffee creamer: add a teaspoon to your cup of coffee and throw it in a blender for ~20 seconds for a creamy kick to your morning. The healthy fats help your body metabolize and sustain the energy from the coffee and are said to also help boost your metabolism and immune system. Pinterest is flooded with recipes.
  7. Cooking: stable at high heat (unlike olive oil).
  8. Scalp massage: give yourself a scalp massage to stimulate circulation and moisturize your hair before you shower.
  9. Deo for your B.O.: add baking soda, corn starch, and essential oils to make your own DIY deodorant.
  10. Shaving “cream”: moisturize and de-fur in one fell swoop.
  11. Moisturizer: use as a daily moisturizer and give people a knowing look when they tell you how healthy your skin looks.
  12. Highlighter: use a dab on the tops of your cheekbones to reflect light.

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