Holiday Survival Tips

The holidays are a whirlwind of family, love, sparkly lights, traffic, busy malls, good friends, wrapping paper and cocktails. It’s a joyful time but it can also be a stressful time, especially when you have a house full of relatives and your aunt is a bit of a loose cannon when she gets to her third lemon drop. Here are my suggestions for keeping your sanity during this busy time of year.

  1. Stay hydrated. Start your mornings with a giant glass of water (add some lemon!) before having coffee or breakfast. This is important every day of the year but easy to forget when the days are busy and breakfast options are sugary. Bonus: you’ll be peeing frequently throughout the day so it’s a perfect excuse to slip out of the room when someone starts asking you how school is going or why you’ve never had a girlfriend.
  2. Fill up on fruit. Before snacking on the table candies and plated cheese selection, enjoy some fruit. It packs a much bigger punch in the nutrition department and will help satisfy your sweet tooth. Once you’ve enjoyed some nutrient dense food, go for the gold! The holidays are a special time and you should enjoy your favorite treats and dishes that you’ve been looking forward to all month.
  3. Try a mocktail. I’ve been adding lemon juice or grapefruit balsamic vinegar to sparking water and it really hits the spot. Low sugar, very hydrating, and a little more fun than flat water. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a lemon drop or two but lately I’ve been leaning towards the alcohol-free options.
  4. Mix your drinks with kombucha. In addition to the health benefits of this delicious elixir (namely, the probiotics and digestion help), it makes the most delicious mixer for well drinks. The sourness of this fermented, bubbly drink can really add something special. It is also delicious in smoothies. I love filling up a growler from Kombucha Town in downtown Bellingham.
  5. Protect your body. Some family members feel a strange obligation to comment on any supposed weight gain, interesting outfit choices, or new hair cuts. You have the power over your emotions so try your best not to let someone else’s word vomit make you feel small. Be gracious to yourself throughout all of your body’s changes; you look great and you are rocking the shit out of those skinny jeans.

Cheers, gorgeous!

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