Recap of 2015

A stream of consciousness of sorts.

  1. Declared as a chemistry major
  2. Declared as an English minor
  3. Became friends with this guy Shane
  4. Continued nannying the cutest 4 year old on earth
  5. Continued vibing with the gorgeous barre3 tribe
  6. Got really into weight lifting
  7. Moved into a really cute new house
  8. Stopped weight lifting
  9. Started dating that guy Shane
  10. Turned 21
  11. Went to Las Vegas with one of my best friends
  12. Got a dreamy job as an editor for an academic publication at WWU (!!!)
  13. Celebrated my job offer with a poolside drink in Vegas (the only way, am I right?)
  14. Found my favorite Bloody Mary to date (bayou on the bay)
  15. Took an accelerated physics course over summer and wanted to cry daily
  16. Dropped the second accelerated course MUCH WOW. VERY BURNT OUT.
  17. Went to Hawaii with my dreamboat boyfriend and his family
  18. Had a centipede crawl across my foot in the shower while in Hawaii
  19. Had an emotional breakdown about it in the living room wearing only a towel
  20. Shaved the side of my head (unrelated to the breakdown…not Britney Spears 2.0)
  21. Went hiking
  22. Complained the entire time
  23. Went to Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and Greece
  24. Went on my first cruise
  25. Started my senior year of college
  26. Went vegan
  27. Learned how to make coffee
  28. Started drinking coffee
  29. Tried to stop drinking coffee
  30. Started drinking coffee again

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