Small Pleasures

As I sit here in the midst of my own surprise pity party [see Instagram for details on the smoothie tragedy], I decided to think about all the little things that light me up.

  1. Showing someone a funny video and them actually laughing.
  2. Seeing someone wear/use a gift you gave them.
  3. The first sip of a smoothie/juice.
  4. Knowing you can sleep in as late as I want.
  5. Finishing your exams so you can breath for a minute.
  6. When your bra and undies match.
  7. Bumping into an old friend unexpectedly.
  8. NOT bumping into anyone you know while you’re doing errands.
  9. Checking out at a store and finding out one of your items is on sale.
  10. Waking up to morning texts.
  11. A well-made bed.
  12. Clean sheets.
  13. A hot shower after a long day.
  14. Finding money in your pocket.
  15. Complimenting someone and seeing their face light up.
  16. The occasional Bloody Mary
  17. Being complimented by a stranger when you’re feeling low.
  18. When an exam gets pushed back that you weren’t quite ready for.
  19. Having the house to yourself for a while.
  20. Holding/petting a dog.
  21. A freshly cleaned face.
  22. When a teacher/prof recognizes your hard work.
  23. The feeling after you finish a good workout.
  24. When your eyeliner wings look like twins instead of cousins for once
  25. When someone sends you something that made them think of you.

Cheers, babes. Go make someone else’s day a little better.

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