Quick Update


You know when you’re driving on a warm summer day and the hot sun on your face is perfectly paired with the cool breeze from your open window [which conveniently drowns out your tone-deaf attempt at singing along with the radio]?

That’s a lot like what I just experienced except the warm summer was replaced by 32 degree F winter air and the cool breeze was replaced with 70 mph wind. Spurts of rain and hail took the place of hot sun on my face and the singing was more of an intermittent whimper during the 30 minute car ride to have my window replaced after a strange break-in.

Fortunately, nothing was stolen and the auto glass company is cleaning out all of the glass for me. I also don’t need to worry about styling my hair later tonight because that 70 mph blow out sure did the trick.

TLDR: don’t smash in people’s windows 🙂

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