Recipe: Banana Milk

I wanted to share a super quick recipe for my favorite winter brekky: peanut butter banana milk. It’s smooth and creamy and has all the convenience of a breakfast smoothie but it’s got the warming flavors of winter/fall. I’m hooked.

Ingredients (add to blender):

3 spotty bananas

1.5 cups cruelty-free milk

Lots of cinnamon

Big spoonful of peanut butter (except for you, Averee)

Optional: Maca root powder (it has a light butterscotch flavor)

Blend until smooth and pour into a large glass

Pro-tip: add a cute straw to make your milkshake/smoothie experiences 150x better [according to NASA]. I’ve been using valentine straws from my boyfriend’s mother this week 🙂 
Cheers, babes 

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