5 Things || February 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.55.20 PM

  1. Pure Hawaiian Spirulina // These stinky little pills of a naturally occurring algae pack a serious punch when it comes to iron, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B12, chlorophyll, and gamma linolenic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid). I’ve been really enjoying the energy kick and I think they are a good addition to the rest of my whole-food, plant-based diet & probably yours too.
  2. Trader Joe’s Head to Toe Balm // This stuff is a steal. $3.99 for a hockey-puck sized tin of balm that is great for your lips, cuticles, hands, dry heels, beard, etc. My boyfriend really likes using it in his beard and I think it’s great to have in your backpack or purse for any head to toe needs.
  3. Filifax (Personal Size Black Saffiano) // A splurge but it was well worth it for me. This little carry-all binder contains my credit cards, license, planner, financial records, project/blog ideas, and more. It’s the perfect size to stick in my bag or backpack. The pages are refillable so you won’t have to replace your investment each year either.
  4. Youtuber Chrissstttiiine // This stylish babe has a soothing voice, great style, and trustworthy recommendations. I really enjoy watching her videos while I cook or get ready in the morning.
  5. Empowered by You Undies // These undies are an investment that your nether regions will thank you for. They are incredibly comfy with the uncanny ability to stay put despite your most uncoordinated workout efforts. Best of all, 20% of the net profit goes towards micro financing small  businesses for women around the world.

Happy monday.

Cheers, babes.

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