FabFitFun || Welcome Box Review

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service that curates a box filled with full sized beauty, fitness, health, and general lifestyle goodies for each season. All of the boxes are shipped out around the same general time period so when I signed up for it, the box wasn’t planned to ship out for a while which was fine by me.

Because it was between seasons, I ordered the Welcome Box which is a collection of past “favorites” from previous boxes. I’d completely forgotten about ordering it by the time it finally arrived so that was pretty exciting.

FabFitFun Welcome Box

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Organic Balance Protein Shake ($2.99)
    • This product is just a sponsored addition from the company. I personally don’t consume dairy so I passed this along.
  • FabFitFun / CosmoBody Jump Rope ($14)
    • This was a super fun thing to receive. I have tall ceilings in my apartment so I am able to comfortable jumprope inside to get some cardio in whenever I don’t want to drag my lazy bum to the gym. My calves and abs have been very sore from it!
  • Passport to Beauty Gogi Berry Eye Serum ($88)
    • I can’t imagine EVER paying $88 for this product but I really do enjoy it. It’s a classic retinol based anti-aging eye cream that I like to use under my concealer during the day & before bed at night.
  • Zoya Nail Polish ($10)
    • This polish came in a pale pink (shown) or pale purple depending on the box. I’m happy with the one that I received because my nails tend to be either unpainted or a pale pink and this one is a nice shade on my pale ass hands. (Isn’t it funny how much that sentence changes depending on whether you say pale-ass hands or pale ass-hands?)
  • Frends Earbuds ($80)
    • Again, I would not pay $80 for these standard (albeit pretty) earbuds but I have kept them in my backpack ever since getting them. Up close, they’re really pretty with a silver square detail on the back. They also come in black and rose gold.
  • Shoptiques Gift Card ($25)
    • This site has a little bit of everything so it’s not a bad thing to have handy when you need to buy a gift or want to treat yourself. I hadn’t previously ever heard of Shoptiques though so it’s not somewhere I would normally be spending money anyway.
  • Gorge I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray ($29.95)
    • This stuff is liquid gold. I don’t know about looking amazing but it certainly makes my hair FEEL amazing. This is comparable to the It’s A 10 miracle leave-in product. I would definitely recommend this.
  • Wren 14kt Gold Dipped Necklace ($100)
    • Not shown here because I was wearing it while I took the picture but it is a cute little rose gold heart necklace with a tiny black sapphire gem. Once again, I could not imagine paying $100 for it but I’ve surprisingly worn it quite a bit as I’m starting to get into rose gold more. It also comes in a yellow-gold horse shoe and a rose gold moon.

Total “Value”: $349.94

Price Paid: $39.99 (after using someone’s $10 discount link)


Final opinion: I think this box would make a really fun gift or care package or a fun treat for yourself. There is an option to become a VIP member where you pay upfront for a full year which I opted not to do. I think this is a fun treat and I’m glad I tried it but I’ll be passing on the spring box to try out a couple of other things but I’ll consider trying it again down the road.

I do think that the retail values listed in the info card of the box are grossly overestimated though, so $349.94 seems a bit absurd to me. You know when you’re in Tj Maxx (or the like) and the price sticker says “$5.99 — Compare at $12.99” for some candy and you feel a bit confused because you’ve never seen it sold for even close to $12.99 anywhere in the world but you still buy it because you think it’s a good deal? No? Yeah, me neither…

TLDR: This box was a fun treat but if you’re saving up for something special, maybe skip this one or wait for the spoilers to come out & see if it’s worth it before ordering. Also, definitely use someone’s discount referral link to save a few bucks — there are plenty out there.

Click here to get $10 off your first box.

Cheers, babes.

FTC: This post is not sponsored by FabFitFun in anyway. The link provided is simply a referral link that all members receive which saves both parties a few bucks. 

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