Planticide + A $3 Find

If you were to ask any of the dozens of parents for whom I’ve nannied over the years, they would all tell you that I’m generally good at keeping things alive [namely, their children]. I’m also fairly good at following instructions and learning from mistakes so it’s truly a mystery to me how in the HECK I can’t extend those skills to plants.

Even the plants that are essentially fool-proof and require little more than a monthly “bath” and the air we breath (talking about you, air plants) have fallen victim to my brown thumb. In the past few years I have killed a spider plant, aloe, a snake plant, multiple succulents, and the air plant [four of which I just found on Buzzfeed’s list of houseplants for people lacking a green thumb…wonderful]. Despite my poopy-Midas touch, I refuse to forego greenery all together and have recently resorted to fake plants and dried flowers.

fake plant

All this is just to share these adorable faux-succulent planters that I found at Target this weekend for $3 a piece in the Bullseye section. I find them to be quite convincing from afar and I really appreciate their immortality.

Please lie to me in the comments and tell me that you have this problem too or let me know if you have any suggestions for my next attempt at raising a house plant.

Cheers, babes.

*FTC: this post is not sponsored. All opinions and planticides are sadly my own 😦

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