Glossier Face Masks | First Impression

Skincare is essential; makeup is a choice

I am very excited to be sharing my first impression of the Glossier face treatment masks: the mega greens galaxy pack and the moisturizing moon mask. These two little pots of magic are intended to be used in sequence to absorb dirt and excess oil from your pores and then replenish the skin with a hit of moisture. Each of these masks run for $22 on the Glossier website. Despite their intended use, I imagine they would work perfectly well on their own to fit your own skin needs and budget.

Bare face before

To start off my mini-spa evening, I washed my face with my Cera Ve foaming cleanser and a wash cloth to remove all of my makeup. As shown above, my bare face has a couple of spots on it that would benefit from the mega greens clay mask. A bit about my skin type: I have combination skin with a tendency to get dry around my mouth and chin and shiny on my forehead. I also have extremely sensitive skin; I try to avoid fragrances so that I don’t light up like Rudolf’s nose.
Mega Greens

Mega Greens Face

After taking my awkward selfie, I re-wet my skin and then applied the mega greens mask in a thick layer all over my face (excluding the eye area). The instructions say to leave it on for 20 minutes so I used that time to stalk the brother/sister duo Broods on Instagram and take another awkward selfie. By the end of the 20 minutes, the mask had dried down and almost disappeared altogether. The texture is creamy but has a little bit of grit to it that works into the skin and mostly smooths out once applied. I have basically no sense of smell so I asked my boyfriend to smell my face and he said it smelled “weird…not good but not disgusting” so take that with a grain of salt. It washed off easily and I left my skin damp before applying the second mask.

Moon Mask

Moon Mask Face

The moon mask, by contrast, was extremely smooth and felt a bit like a lotion when going onto the skin. It felt quite delicious on my skin and similarly soaked in and was nearly invisible by the end of the 20 minutes. This one took a bit of elbow grease to wash off because of how rich and slippery it was but it was WELL work the effort. My skin felt amazing!

Bare Face After

I was shocked to find out that my face looked nothing like Rihanna’s after completing both masks so that was a major disappointment. However, my skin didn’t turn beat red or get irritated by either one which speaks volumes of the product. My face felt so soft and smooth afterwards and was ultra-moisturized from the moon mask.

Overall first impression: I am so excited to add these masks into my beauty routine. Their effects on the texture and moisture of my face after one use were quite noticeable and well worth the price tag. Between the two, I would say that the moon mask is quite unique and unlike anything I’ve previously used. The mega greens is fantastic but a cheaper alternative to it might be a bentonite clay mask. I used both of these a few days ago from the time I’m writing this so I can safely say that these masks didn’t break me out either which is great. Used in conjunction, I am thrilled with this duo and I would highly recommend it to friends and family. I will definitely be repurchasing both of these when I run out.

TLDR: These are both great masks and I would highly recommend them.

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Cheers, babes.

*FTC: These masks were sent to me by Glossier without any obligation to review or mention them in a post. I share these masks because I truly enjoyed them and all opinions stated are my own. 

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