Coffee Diary | 1

You can see a piece of art and admire it without suddenly despising all of the artwork you already own. Similarly, you can admire a beautiful person without despising yourself for not looking just like them.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Your face doesn’t have to look like their face and your body doesn’t have to be as big/small/soft/muscular/tan/voluptuous/pale/etc. as their body to be beautiful as well. If you’re not in a place where you can admire other masterpieces without criticizing your own, I encourage you to get the heck off social media for a while and work on yourself. Get to the root of your issues because it’s definitely not the way you look. Loving yourself takes practice so get to work.

Also, I dropped my phone a few minutes ago and tried to catch it with my hand that was occupied by my coffee cup, which resulted in me tossing its contents against the wall. So that’s a fun/cute little thing that happened to me today.

Cheers, babes.

P.S. send me your thoughts on self-love or anything else you want to talk about in the comments below or on my tumblr (for anonymous ideas) at


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