piercingI am a 21-year old college student studying chemistry and english. I am currently working as an editor for an academic publication called Occam’s Razor  As I finish up my last year of college, I wanted to use this blog as a creative outlet to balance out my math and science courses and allow myself to carve out a little slice of the internet to call my own.

I pay great attention to my health and wellbeing so I had originally started this blog to share fitness tips and personal experiences, but my excitement could not be confined to a single category. I would consider myself a bit of a generalist; My blog has manifested as a collection of beauty reviews, health tips, vegan recipes, and personal anecdotes. I hope that my thoughts, reviews, and personal misfortunes are interesting to you. 

*All posts are my own honest opinion. Any sponsored posts or products that have been sent to me by a company will be clearly labeled to reflect that.*

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