Planticide + A $3 Find

If you were to ask any of the dozens of parents for whom I’ve nannied over the years, they would all tell you that I’m generally good at keeping things alive [namely, their children]. I’m also fairly good at following instructions and learning from mistakes so it’s truly a mystery to me how in the […]

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Quick Update

  You know when you’re driving on a warm summer day and the hot sun on your face is perfectly paired with the cool breeze from your open window [which conveniently drowns out your tone-deaf attempt at singing along with the radio]?

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Wellness Wednesday

Sometimes I feel really dedicated to my health and center my day around great food choices, staying active, and drinking more water. Other times, I’m busy and it falls to the back burner. Wherever you stand, I have some tips for fitting healthy choices into your day with almost no effort (or cooking) involved.

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Small Pleasures

As I sit here in the midst of my own surprise pity party [see Instagram for details on the smoothie tragedy], I decided to think about all the little things that light me up.

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