Quick Update

  You know when you’re driving on a warm summer day and the hot sun on your face is perfectly paired with the cool breeze from your open window [which conveniently drowns out your tone-deaf attempt at singing along with the radio]?

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Wellness Wednesday

Sometimes I feel really dedicated to my health and center my day around great food choices, staying active, and drinking more water. Other times, I’m busy and it falls to the back burner. Wherever you stand, I have some tips for fitting healthy choices into your day with almost no effort (or cooking) involved.

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Small Pleasures

As I sit here in the midst of my own surprise pity party [see Instagram for details on the smoothie tragedy], I decided to think about all the little things that light me up.

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Throwing Things “Away” 

Good afternoon! I’m sitting here on my break between classes eating my packed lunch and people-watching. Seeing the incessant flow of people to and from the trash bin reminded me of how easy it is to just throw things away. But where do they go? Certainly, off of our conscience and our list of responsibilities […]

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Recap of 2015

A stream of consciousness of sorts. Declared as a chemistry major Declared as an English minor Became friends with this guy Shane Continued nannying the cutest 4 year old on earth Continued vibing with the gorgeous barre3 tribe Got really into weight lifting Moved into a really cute new house Stopped weight lifting Started dating […]

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Holiday Survival Tips

The holidays are a whirlwind of family, love, sparkly lights, traffic, busy malls, good friends, wrapping paper and cocktails. It’s a joyful time but it can also be a stressful time, especially when you have a house full of relatives and your aunt is a bit of a loose cannon when she gets to her […]

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Holiday Gift Guide

For Her:    Noli Yoga Pants  There’s nothing like a pair of new yoga pants hugging your sore little butt to get you back in the gym or back on the yoga mat. They are US made, partially recycled, and 5% of their annual proceeds to to charity. Check out this cool snakeskin print.   […]

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Let Them Get Spotty!

I have a theory that I was required to sign a contract at birth when my parents named me Hannah that I would forever love bananas (signature via footprint, I suppose?). So when duty calls, I add 20 bananas to my grocery cart and endure the inquisitive looks at the checkout stand. Now, I’m not […]

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