Boy Brow + Stretch Concealer | Glossier Review

Boy Brow: I am very familiar with how it feels to have a “good hair day” because it happens so infrequently for me that it’s borderline monumental at this point (#bunhead). However, having a “good eyebrow day” is a new concept to me. Glossier’s Boy Brow is the cult-favorite (according to the Facebook ads that creepily always […]

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Love At First Sight: Glossier

My internet history is a dark and scary place of self diagnoses, abandoned shopping carts, instructions for accomplishing basic adulthood tasks that I should know how to do by now, and pointless youtube tutorials. The Glossier website, however, is a shining beacon of light on an otherwise embarrassing track record.

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FabFitFun || Welcome Box Review

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service that curates a box filled with full sized beauty, fitness, health, and general lifestyle goodies for each season. All of the boxes are shipped out around the same general time period so when I signed up for it, the box wasn’t planned to ship out for a while which […]

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Ipsy Glam Bag || March 2016

My obsession with receiving packages in the mail has been the bane of my existence ever since going away to college. I made the rookie mistake of going to a university close enough for my parents to come and visit me in lieu of sending care packages. While their presence is much appreciated, I still have to fill that materialistic void somehow. Enter: The Ipsy glam bag.

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