Boy Brow + Stretch Concealer | Glossier Review

Boy Brow:

I am very familiar with how it feels to have a “good hair day” because it happens so infrequently for me that it’s borderline monumental at this point (#bunhead). However, having a “good eyebrow day” is a new concept to me.

Glossier’s Boy Brow is the cult-favorite (according to the Facebook ads that creepily always know what I’m into???) and the only thing I’ve been wearing on my brows for the last month. I wanted to really give this one a good test drive before I bothered to share my thoughts on it.

Glossier BoyBrow Package

The packaging clean and simple and comes in three shades: blond, brown and black. I ordered the blond shade. The price of this little guy is $16 (compare to Benefit’s Gimme Brow at $25 for the same amount of product)–not too shabby. This particular shade of blond is wonderful because it has a nice ashy undertone to it that really suits my hair color. I find that drugstore blond shades and my Benefit brow kit are too yellow/muddy for my coloring.

Glossier Boy Brow Up Close

The bristles are short and stubby and give really nice control for people who fall short of the bushy-brow look (a girl can dream, though). I essentially use the Boy Brow to brush the hairs up for the first half of the brow and then downward following the curve of my natural arch. My eyebrows do not budge! It holds my (not so) disheveled brows in place all day. The main difference between this and other eyebrow pencils I’ve used is that it coats the hairs of your eyebrows and makes them look fuller and thicker but it doesn’t paint over the skin underneath. At the end of the day, your brows still look like your brows (but better!).

Stretch Concealer:

Glossier Stretch Concealer

The other product I ordered a while back was the Glossier Stretch Concealer. At $18, it comes in really nice, glass packaging and a screw-on lid. You dab your finger in it similar to the way you would for vaseline. It comes in 5 shades: light, medium, dark, deep, and rich. Also, this product is cruelty-free, non-comedegenic (a.k.a. non-pore clogging), and hypoallergenic.

Glossier Stretch Concealer Up Close

I ordered the lightest shade (I mean, have you seen me?) and it was a perfect match for my face. This concealer has a very unique consistency that pairs well with the Glossier skin tint because it blends out to add a touch more coverage to wherever you want it, while keeping the rest dewey and minimal. It’s very emollient so it looks really natural and doesn’t get cakey. However, I don’t tend to reach for it when concealing my undereyes because it’s not quite light enough to highlight that area against my pale skin. For the average living person, you’d be totally fine using it to brighten.

Another note I’ll add is that I think this concealer would be wonderful for dry to normal skin types because of how buttery soft it is on your skin. For my normal to oily skin, however, I find that I don’t need that extra slip to my concealer.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I think the Boy Brow is well worth the price. I have used it exclusively since ordering it and haven’t even considered reaching for my old products. I will undoubtedly repurchase when it runs out and I plan to bring this on backpacking trip through Europe as one of the few beauty products I bring. Not to mention, it’s cruelty-free!

The Stretch Concealer has a place in my makeup bag and I use it whenever I have an area on my face that makes me sad but I’m not fully in love with it yet. I think my skin type and skin tone are the reason why I won’t personally be repurchasing this one.

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Cheers, babes.

FTC: This post is not sponsored. I purchased both of these products myself and all opinions are my own. The link provided is an affiliate link that gives me a small credit to use towards future Glossier purchases. If you’d like to shop without it, you can visit 


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